Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: Positive & Negative Reviews, Comments, and Testimonials

enterprise ecommerce softwareWhat do customers say about Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise? What are the positive and negative reviews, comments, and testimonials? Read and find out!


Shopify Plus is the Enterprise edition of Shopify, one of the most popular names among shopping carts. Magento Enterprise is the brand new cloud-based Enterprise edition from Magento. Both platforms offer the scalability and reliability that you are looking for, but each platform takes a different approach to enterprise ecommerce software. Shopify Plus clearly dominates in usability while Magento dominates in versatility. Keep reading and discover what do customers say about Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise.

While it is super easy to find bad comments and complaints about Magento and Shopify basic plans,  there aren’t many reviews that talk about enterprise-level products. Shopify is usually criticized for its limited options. The customers are mad at their inability to showcase more than one item on a discount. They are also mad about the limited variants of products, as well as, being limited in B2B selling. Most of these issues can be easily resolved through applications.

The customers usually complain that Magento’s products come with many and unnecessary features. They are also frustrated by the limited documentation that can help them in the learning process. According to them, 1300 pages of documentation are simply not enough.

There are many positive comments and testimonials available on their official websites. The customers, for example, love that they can transition from previous ecommerce platforms to Shopify Plus easily and quickly, without losing any customers. They also appreciate that Shopify Plus allows them to customize the backend and meet their needs. They love Shopify’s Plus scalability.

The positive comments for Magento focus on customization. Everything about your website can be easily customized with Magento Enterprise. This is made possible through the open source documentation of Magento which customers also appreciate. The customers also say that Magento Enterprise is a caching system meaning that pages load faster which keeps visitors and online purchasers from leaving your website.

Shopify Plus seeks to make things simpler. Integrations are established, themes are already made, and support is just one call or email away. Magento focuses on customizability. You can easily build your website from the ground up.

Your decision depends upon the needs and capabilities of your business. It is up to you to decide.

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