Comparing Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: Is the Cost to Upgrade Worth It

Shopify and Magento are major players in the ecommerce world, however, with the forced upgrade to Magento Enterprise, business owners are wondering whether there is a better option!


Over the last couple of years, the ecommerce business world has explicitly grown. Two years ago we saw online sales rise by over 15% in North America, and this number is only expected to grow. According to one research, it is estimated the ecommerce sales by 2020 to reach more than $4 trillion.

Shopify and Magento have been two major players in the ecommerce world. They have had to perfectly adapt to meet this trend. Both are powerful and scalable ecommerce platforms, however, with the forced upgrade to Magento Enterprise, the business owners are wondering whether there is a better option.

Shopify has been acquiring popularity these years and for a very good reason. Ecommerce solution Shopify makes it super easy for everyday people (people who know nothing about programming, coding, web development or web design) to set up their own online store and start selling. With the release of Shopify Plus, this ecommerce solution has become an even more popular option for enterprises and growing ecommerce businesses. For the first time, the search inquiries for ecommerce solution Shopify have exceeded Magento.

With the forced update to Magento 2, it is time to look at Shopify vs Magento and which ecommerce platform is best suited for your business needs.

Magento is a self-hosted ecommerce solution which means the website is managed, maintained, and secured by the seller or store owner. The seller must find a hosting service provider and use the help of a web developer. Shopify is a hosted ecommerce solution which means all of the maintenance and web hosting are managed by the Shopify team without an extra cost.

In other words, Magento allows technical access, customizability, and responsibility so that business owners can manage every aspect of their online store. This can be a benefit and a weakness at the same time. It depends on how you look at it. Shopify has a little bit different focus. Shopify empowers business owners to focus on running their business and not worry about technology.

We can conclude that Shopify Plus is a flexible solution and perfectly capable of meeting all of the demands of a modern, larger, and growing ecommerce store.

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