Comparing Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise and Other Competitors

How does Shopify Plus compare to Magento Enterprise and other ecommerce platforms on the market? Read this article and find out!


Shopify Plus is not the only powerful ecommerce solution, however, it is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today. As you probably know, there are lots of ecommerce platforms and worthy opponents on the market. Let’s see the most competitive ecommerce platforms:

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted ecommerce solutions. The platform powers live websites, multiple stores, offers multiple language options, multiple currency option, unlimited product variants, localized payment methods, and much more. The biggest competitor of Shopify Plus is Magento Enterprise.

Magento Enterprise is a self-hosted ecommerce solution. It has unlimited product variants, powers live websites (over 250.000 websites), accept localized payment methods, multiple language options, multiple store option available, and multiple currency option. The price is $18.000 a year.

BigCommerce is a fully hosted ecommerce solution. Powers over 95.000 live websites. There is a multiple store option available, multiple currencies, and multiple language option (with an app). BigCommerce accepts localized payment methods. The monthly or yearly fee is custom (depends on a few different factors).

WooCommerce is a self-hosted ecommerce platform. Currently, powers over 23.000 live websites, accepts localized payment methods, multiple language, and multiple currency option. It is free to use.

DemandWare is just another fully hosted ecommerce solution. The platform powers over 19.000 live websites. They offer unlimited product variants, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and localized payment methods. Multiple store option is not available.

These are the biggest competitors of Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus is the ultimate winner in different battles and comparisons. You will be satisfied with custom pricing as everything depends on you and your store. Shopify Plus payment gateway will help you get rid of the difficulties related to payment methods. Unlimited bandwidth, multiple sales channels, unlimited number of products – all of these options are available with the platform. You don’t have to predict the customer’s preferences as Google’s improved analytics system will provide you with the details about customers habits and interests.

In addition to your online store, there is an opportunity for you to sell on major social media networks and marketplaces. The Shopify Plus plan is designed to handle heavy traffic. The apps are created professionally (there are no malfunctions or bugs).

Say goodbye to your troubles concerning platform migration and move to Shopify Plus right now!

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